If Riki Tiki could talk, boy would he have some stories tell! Measuring in at six feet tall and over 700 pounds, Riki Tiki has been residing at the Town and Country for over 40 years now, cementing his reputation as one of the top things to see near San Diego. During his prime, he was most known for sitting on top of the Tiki Pavilion where he would shoot fireworks out of his head.

Intrigued? Here is Riki Tiki’s story at the Town and Country San Diego.

The Past

Once upon a time, Riki Tiki proudly sat on top of the Tiki Pavilion and entertained guests with his fireworks antics. Everyone would gather around the Pavilion and patiently wait for a spectacular light show.

Mission Valley residents, unaware of the planned firework display, would mistakenly call the fire department to report a fire at the hotel. Though, Riki Tiki did have some close calls. His authentic wood frame made him highly flammable, and because of this he did catch fire a time or two. Luckily, Riki Tiki did not become an old yule log.

Eventually, the fire marshal was called one too many times and Riki Tiki was retired and taken off the Tiki Pavillion.

The Preservation

For years Riki Tiki sat alone in the gardens of the Town and Country where he was almost forgotten entirely. Realizing his potential and history with the hotel, it was decided that Riki Tiki should be moved to a more central location where he could be appreciated.

In order to survive the relocation, Riki Tiki had to undergo major restorations. Engineering and maintenance worked vigorously to clean him up. They installed a giant rod through his head that keeps him securely cemented to the ground. It took a large crew and a forklift to move Riki Tiki to his new home near the Royal Palm Tower Pool.

The Present

Guests at the hotel have quickly taken notice of Riki Tiki at his new location near the Jungle Bungalow and Royal Palm Tower Pool. He is included in family photos and even has his own hashtag (#rikitikiTC). Riki Tiki is commonly featured on Town and Country’s Facebook page where he offers humorous advice and fun facts. We are thrilled that Riki Tiki can be admired and appreciated by guests at the Town and Country once again.

Remember, the next time you are having fun at the Town and Country San Diego, say hello to Riki Tiki!

Riki Tiki the Selfie King

Riki Tiki is almost Instagram famous! Help him reach his goal of becoming an influencer by taking a photo with him near the Jungle Bungalow. Use the hashtag #rikitikiTC

Riki Tiki Fun Facts

  • He is the staring contest champion, just try to beat him!
  • His friends call him the selfie king #RikiTikiTC
  • It’s been said that if you take a photo with RIKI TIKI he will bring you good luck
  • He is only happy when people are having fun at this kid friendly San Diego resort – so get to it!
  • Once upon a time he was able to spit fireworks out of his head (really, we’re not making this up)
  • He loves the Pizza from Terrace Café & Market (just don’t ask him to share)
  • His favorite drink is Town & Country’s exclusive Rosita Margarita. He encourages you to try one of these hauntingly delicious beverages!

Riki Tiki’s adventures will continue! Be sure to catch him on Facebook and Instagram and add to his story #rikitikiTC.