The 50 bunnies on our meeting house lawn have our guests scratching their heads (or should we say hares). They’re colorful, dressed to impress and have history here at the Town and Country San Diego. Continue reading to discover the story behind the bunnies.

To start this tail we have to take you back to the year 1960 when hundreds of white ceramic bunnies were purchased by the hotel. The ceramic bunnies were placed in each room. They sat there for years until guests started voicing their distaste for the rabbits. Some guests even thought the bunnies were creepy and would cover them with a sheet. Ultimately, it was the guests or the bunnies! So sadly, one by one, the ceramic bunnies left their home to make their way in the world.

They were set free to go live their bunny lives however they pleased. Some became baseball players for the San Diego Padres, others became scuba divers and hula dancers at Mission Beach and one bunny even became a cheetah. You may have even seen our pink bunny on TV as the energizer bunny. They traveled to exotic places like Mexico and Paris. They became spokes-bunnies for carrot farms and Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

Now, 30 years later the bunnies have returned to the Town and Country! A rep for the bunnies has disclosed that they felt it was their bunny duty to return to their home at the Town and Country to protect it. So now they stand as the official Town and Country guard bunnies on the Meeting House Lawn.

Visit the Meeting House Lawn to get a closer look at our guard bunnies. Take a photo of your favorite rabbit and use the hashtag #TCbunnies to share it with us!