If Our Pools Could Talk

COMPLAINT #1 "There were Too many pools"

At Town and Country San Diego we understand the challenges of selecting the right pool that fits your summer fun needs. Vacations are meant to be easy with little to no thinking required. Our San Diego hotel has three beautiful pools to visit, and we’ve decided to let their personalities shine bright. Continue reading to learn more about each of our San Diego hotel pools!

Royal Palm Tower Pool

If pools could talk the RPT Pool would say “cannon ball!” Think of the Royal Palm Tower pool as the fun uncle that occasionally sneaks the kids free Otter Pops. This is a fun pool for kids to play and splash around. Though, the RPT pool has not forgotten about parents and adults. It is conveniently located next to the Jungle Bungalow that offers $5 Rosita Margaritas…yes the Royal Palm Tower Pool just got that much better.

Trellis Pool

If pools could talk the Trellis Pool would say “That was the best nap I’ve ever taken. Now pass me the pitcher of margarita please.” Though we can’t make any promises, the Trellis Pool is usually the spot where parents go to hide away from their kids for a bit. It is the pool that just hit retirement and is ready for some serious R and R…and maybe even a $25 pitcher of Rosita Margarita. Its unique décor and oldies music selection gives the pool some major retro California vibes.

Regency Pool

If pools could talk the Regency Pool would say “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you’re gonna get.” The Regency Pool is a character. Sometimes it is the fun zone for kids to play and splash around. Other times, it is an oasis escape where you have the entire pool all to yourself!

Now that you have learned about our pools and their sparkling personalities, we hope you can confidently make a decision. Still can’t make up your mind? Try all three!

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