Remember the loot of candy you could get from the drugstore for just 25 cents? If not, let us refresh your memory with these 5 popular sweet treats from the past.

At Town and Country, as soon as our guests walk through the door we want to bring them back to a simpler time. A time when a small piece of candy made your eyes get as big as a beach ball. A time when you competed with your friends to see who could blow the biggest bubble. A time when candy was the most valuable form of payment. In fact, you can even have the candy for dinner, we won’t tell!

Here are 5 Nostalgic candies Your Sweet Tooth will Remember:

  1. Necco Wafers

If you took all 630 million Necco Wafers made each year and lined them up, they would wrap around the world twice! Safe to say there is still high demand for these nostalgic candies. Since its beginning in 1845, the Necco Wafer has been passed around the world. In the 1930’s admiral Byrde made sure 2 ½ tons of Necco Wafers were included on his supply list for his two year expedition in the Antarctic. During WWII Neccos Wafers were shipped overseas to U.S. soldiers because of their durable qualities. In 2009 Necco changed their flavors to all natural flavors. However, this change was not well received and the company shifted back to the original flavors that everyone knows and loves!

  1. Astro Pops

The year is 1960 and the space race has officially begun. Society embraces this time period with films, television and even architecture inspired by their outer space fantasies. The innovators at Spangler Candy decided to capitalize on this by creating a rocket shaped lollipop appropriately named an Astro Pop. The candy has a red base, green middle and yellow tip. Shortly after these galactic candies hit the shelves, they became a popular candy choice among kids inspiring to be astronauts. So popular in fact that kids found another use for the sweet candy, a space sword. After a lawsuit in the 2000’s the company decided to reverse the candy shape by placing the stick at the yellow pointy top of the lollipop. Sales for the Astro Pop declined after this and the space craze slowly fizzled out to make way for the next trend. Today, Leaf Brands owns the Astro Pop brand and if you look hard enough you can still find the original shaped Astro Pops on the shelves (just don’t jab anyone with it!)

  1. Chuckles

It’s all laughs with this sugary delight. Chuckles are a multi-flavored jelly candy coated with a thin layer of sugar. Originally made in 1921, the candies came in five sweet flavors: cherry, lemon, licorice, orange and lime. "5 flavors - 5 cents, America's favorite jelly candy," – a 1940’s Chuckles advertisement reads. If cherry was your favorite color, you’re in luck. Today, in addition to the original flavors, Chuckles are also sold in a red fruit minis pack.

  1. Moritz Ice Cubes

Though they are shaped like a cube and melt in the sun, these candies are for eating not drinking! Ice Cubes are chocolate squares individually wrapped in a unique gold foil. When they were originally made in Germany in the 1930’s they were packaged in a blue wrapper which you may remember. Kids couldn’t get their hands off these bite size chocolates! Today, they are hard to come by so if you see them at the drugstore counter buy one for old times’ sake!

  1. Chick-O-Stick

Do you prefer candy with a crunch? If you answered yes, then you probably have had the pleasure of munching on a Chick-O-Stick back in the day. These goodies are made of from peanut butter, granulated sugar, corn syrup, and toasted coconut. Manufactured in the 1950’s, Chick-O-Sticks originally featured a chicken wearing a cowboy hat on the wrapper. However, the makers were concerned that people confused the candy for a chicken snack so they retired the cluck-clucking mascot.

We hope you enjoyed taking a stroll down candy lane with our San Diego hotel. Remember, the next time you make accommodations with us, grab a handful of these nostalgic sweets in our hotel lobby!