Destination Earth

Energy Conservation

• Compact Fluorescent Lighting Conversion Program
• LED Lighting Conversion Program
• Existing Fluorescent Lights converted to TS and Electronic Ballasts
• Astronomical time clock control of outdoor lights
• Use of lighting controllers to turn lights off automatically when space unoccupied
• Replacement of older HVAC and Refrigeration units with new energy efficient units
• Direct Digital Control (DDC) of HVAC Systems
• Building Management System (BMS) to control the schedule of HVAC operation
• Variable Frequency Drive control of pump and fan motors
• Energy efficient electric motor replacement program
• Use of computerized domestic hot water control units
• Elevator solid state motor controls to replace old motor-generator sets.
• Energy efficient appliances in the kitchens and laundry
• Heat Reclamation from wash water in the laundry
• Tum-off lighting, HVAC, and equipment when not in use

Operational Initiatives

• Bed Linens changed upon guest request to aid in water and energy conservation
• Towels replaced upon guest request allowing guest the option of re-using existing towels
• Use of many environmentally friendly cleaning products
• Reduced use of hazardous products in the Maintenance operation
• Professional spray booth for paint and coating to reduce emissions
• Purchasing of recycled products for use in operations
• Purchase of recycled materials made into guestroom carpeting
• Recycling of used fixtures, furniture, and equipment to salvage company where possible
• Purchase and serve beverages from a dispenser or in returnable refillable container where possible
• Use of cloth table linen for display tables rather than disposable products
• Use of reusable props, decorations, and centerpieces in meeting areas; some decorative flowers for meeting use grown on-site
• Storm water best management practices by Maintenance, Renovation, and Gardening departments
• Storm water filtering on-site prior to discharge in the sewer

Recycling Programs

• 50/50 Recycling Program with the goal of 50% of the waste stream recycled
• Single stream recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and plastic
• Landscape materials recycled
• Construction demolition and wood pallet recycling
• E-waste recycling program for old computers, printers, and electronic equipment
• Lamps, ballasts, and battery recycling
• Used Oil recycling program
• Refrigerant recycling and management program
• Hazardous Waste recycling program
• Kitchen grease and fat recycling
• Cut down palm trees recycled to garden art manufacturer

Water Conservation

• Water saving toilets used in the guestrooms.
• Low flow water saving shower heads in the guestrooms
• Low flow water saving sink aerators in the guestrooms
• Water saving toilets and urinals used in public restrooms
• Automatic shut-off lavatory faucets used in public restrooms
• Purchase of water efficient commercial washing machines used in the laundry
• HVAC cooling tower electronic controllers to conserve water usage
• Installation of automatic irrigation systems for controlled watering
• Seasonal adjustment of irrigation controls to conserve water
• Mulching of plants to reduce irrigation
• Purchase and use of concrete cleaning equipment that uses less water