Our Marquee

Why did we swap mundane advertisements for witty one-liners on our marquee overlooking Interstate 8? Because we LOVE to laugh and we want to provide comic relief for the thousands of commuters who drive by our sign each day. Our sign not only captured the attention of commuters and local news agencies, but we also captured national attention for the unconventional use of our Marquee in the California Today section of the New York Times. It is easy to put up an advertisement that promotes our specials on our marquee, but then we’re just another hotel in Hotel Circle. By using clever puns and sayings, we are able to engage our community and make more of an impact!

San Diego commuters quickly embraced our quirky landmark and have begun calling, emailing, posting to social media and even stopping by the hotel to share their appreciation for the daily laugh on their morning commute.

Think you have the best idea for our next marquee? Submit your one-liners on the form below.