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Town and Country Resort Sustainability Practices

At Town and Country Resort, we strive to make a difference when it comes to sustainability. We know how lucky we are to reside in the center of San Diego in beautiful California. Here are some of the initiatives we are implementing as we endeavor to be good stewards of the Earth.

Energy Conservation

  • LED Lighting Conversion Program - existing fluorescent lights converted to LEDs
  • Astronomical time clock control of outdoor lights
  • Use of indoor lighting controllers to automatically turn off lights when space is unoccupied
  • Replacement of older HVAC and refrigeration units with new energy efficient units
  • Direct Digital Control (DDC) of HVAC systems
  • Building Management System to control the schedule of the HVAC operation
  • Variable Frequency Drive control of pump and fan motors
  • Energy efficient electric motor replacement program
  • Use of computerized domestic hot water control units
  • Elevator solid state motor controls to replace old motor generated sets
  • Energy efficient appliances in the kitchen and laundry
  • Turn-off back of the house lighting, HVAC and equipment when not in use

Operational Initiatives

  • Converted bottled water to water stations in the convention center and guest rooms – supply guestrooms with refillable glass carafes to reduce single use plastics
  • Replaced miniature guestroom amenities to bulk use – transition to ecofriendly amenity supplier
  • Installed 12 charging stations for electric vehicles in the Main Parking Garage
  • Bed linens and towels changed upon request to aid in water and energy conservation
  • Use of many environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Town and Country is an approved waste facility – food waste goes through the official composting system with the City of San Diego, and we are in full compliance of the City of San Diego's recycling program
  • Reduced use of hazardous products in Maintenance
  • Professional spray booth for paint and coating to reduce emissions
  • Purchasing of recycled products for use in operations
  • Purchase of recycled materials made into guestroom carpeting
  • Use of cloth table linen for display tables rather than disposable products
  • Use of reusable props, decorations and centerpieces in meeting areas; some decorative flowers for meeting use are grown on-site
  • Storm water best management practices by Maintenance and Gardening departments
  • Storm water filtering on-site prior to discharge in the sewer

We are committed to a sustainable future and will continue to update this list as we implement additional ecofriendly initiatives.

Download the sustainability document